Tangy Corn Relish

If you’ve never made corn relish (this is me), this will soon become your favorite way to preserve the summer harvest.

Fava rite Hummus

Why make hummus with canned garbanzos when you can spend five times the effort to make it with fresh favas?
Because it’s waaaaay better!

Chiles Rellenos for Two

I absolutely love chiles rellenos.  Today, Mr. Artifact requested them for breakfast.  I have to say, they were superb with an egg and some frijoles de la olla.  Because there were only two of us, I broke down my larger recipe.  Although, these do make quite serviceable leftovers.  I used some roasted Hatch chiles that…


Easy, healthful and packed with flavor, this will become your go-to tabbouleh.