My Cousin’s Golabki

Golabki’s sock-it-to-me flavor, impressive appearance, and straightforward preparation will have you adding this dish to your all-time favorites.

Cheese Crumble

The best thing about the morning was a crumble of cheese.

Coloring Brown Eggs

If you thought you were out of luck during Easter with your clutch of dark brown eggs, you were wrong.

Humble, Tasty, Big Bread

I just returned from a trip to Japan. While you would expect me to come back laden with sushi and ramen recipes tucked away for experimentation, I was most intrigued by the bread.

Misgebotten Recipes

Misgebotten recipes are not recipes for goose dishes. They are the collection of recipes that I’ve squirreled away in my little recipe box. We all have a box like this: a resting place of hand-me-down recipes from family and friends, clippings from food magazines that represent our projected self-images, that must-have office potluck recipe, odd-ball collected recipes, our best intentions, amazing inspirations, and weird diversions.

Pacific Wrenovations

The wrens have returned, and they love the bird house gourds we’ve put up for them.  We surrounded our outdoor seating area with gourds in order to get Nature’s surround-sound. Each gourd has a 2 inch or so sized bird hole angled toward the top, and the gourd secured to a limb or trunk. From…

A Yokatta! Super Bowl Sushi

Of all the crazy things I could have done for Super Bowl food this year, I ended up with sushi.  The driving factor was that I had a small but pristine piece of salmon from Number 1 Son’s Alaska fishing job sitting in the fridge just begging to become gravlax or something else equally raw…

Ella’s Outlaw Kumquat Marmalade

  I’ve never met Ella.  She is an in-law of my in-laws.  Does that make her an outlaw? Regardless, she is the sweetest person, and she made it known on Facebook that she was in possession of a bodacious amount of kumquats at her home in Florida, just hanging on the tree waiting to drop…

Broth Diary 2015

  Well, I’ve put up some posts about Broth in the past, and after several years now of doing this almost weekly, I have come to some conclusions: 1.    Start with cold water. 2.   A pressure cooker (Instant Pot) works the best for carefree, quick and tasty broth.  How long to cook?  Instant Pot…

Broth Tips

With the roaring popularity of the Broth Importantly post (all 250,000 of you who read it—thank you), I wanted to add some information to address questions you may have now and in the future.  Or perhaps you will never ask these questions, but you may be in need of some reading material.  So here you go. Q:  My…