The Weekly Eater #1

Sometimes you really do not want recipes, just ideas. The pictures below are from recent eating adventures. Most are simple dishes. Notes provided indicate if (V) vegetarian, (WT) Wise Traditions/Weston Price Foundation friendly, and (PP)Plant Paradox friendly.

Stay briny,


Salmon Benedict with hollandaise, veggies and caviar on a keto fat bagel (WT).
Masala eggs with tomato and sweet potato over basmati rice (WT, V).
Slow cooked black beans and tomatoes, salmon sausage, cole slaw.
Tuna poke and so much more with homemade quick Japanese pickles and furikake (WT).
Rosemary lamb chop, roasted sweet potato, celery and mozzarella salad (WT).
Herbed salmon, spaghetti squash, leaved and sauteed Brussels sprouts (WT).
Smoked cod livers on homemade sourdough with salad and garlic curry aioli (WT).

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  1. Carole Morgan says:

    Delicious looking recipes. Yes, you inspired me.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. All these photos look delicious. Yes, they did inspire me to try some.

    Liked by 1 person

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