A Yokatta! Super Bowl Sushi

Winter can be a prime time for sushi making! Get your sushi chef skills up to par prior to your New Year’s Eve party or Super Bowl celebration.


Of all the crazy things I could have done for Super Bowl food this year, I ended up with sushi.  The driving factor was that I had a small but pristine piece of salmon from Number 1 Son’s Alaska fishing job sitting in the fridge just begging to become gravlax or something else equally raw and enticing.  

Succumbing to the excesses of my kitchen efforts, I also acquired some very nice blue swimming crab meat (in a small tub at the meat counter. . . no lie!) and a couple lovely avocados.  Foraging through the veggie drawer revealed some nice scallions, fresh ginger, and cilantro.   And I have a lifetime supply of seaweed sheets–leftover from many years ago.  A yokatta! (oh good!  in Japanese).  Fortunately, seaweed sheets store well.  

I have never made sushi before (that I recall–despite the amazing amount of seaweed sheets I had…

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