Top 5 Cookbooks for Home Cooks

Just bought my son in law the Jacques Pepin book, and I thought I would be timely to re-post this one. Enjoy



Yes, I love The French Laundry Cookbook, but it is not my go-to tome for weeknight and special event dinners.   What I seek out when needing reliable, tasty, appealing, healthy dishes is found in the following cookbooks.  In reviewing these selections, I am struck by the fact that, with the exception of Julia’s book, all are cookbooks with narratives—with  Jacques and Dom’s books being more in the memoir genre.  I hope you enjoy. What are your top five cookbooks?

  1. The Silver Palate Cookbook (Rosso and Lukins): My copy is old and splashed with food, especially the pages about the layered vegetable terrine.  BTW, that recipe is incredibly complex, but it is also incredibly tasty and impressive.  Ditto for the Big Bread sandwich.  In between these catering feats, there are some truly great weeknight chicken dishes, salads, soups, and desserts.  And, if you need inspiration for menus, there are plenty…

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