Okonomiyaki As You Like It

This is the “As You Like It” dish of Japan.  Sometimes referred to as Japanese pizza, okonomiyaki is customized to your local ingredients and palate.  Hence, you’ll find okonomiyaki done Osaka style and Hiroshima style, among others. Basically, this dish is so flexible it’s a shame that it isn’t prepared that much outside of Japan. …

My Cousin’s Golabki

Golabki’s sock-it-to-me flavor, impressive appearance, and straightforward preparation will have you adding this dish to your all-time favorites.

Cheese Crumble

The best thing about the morning was a crumble of cheese Leftover from sprinkling on salad the night before. There it sat unseen, Until in frustration avalanching and coffee computer reposed, She spied it on the big butcher block: Little gravely goodness. She plucked it up with her fingers, Scraping it under her nails and…

Coloring Brown Eggs

If you thought you were out of luck during Easter with your clutch of dark brown eggs, you were wrong.