Fig O Nut Crisps

Fig O Nut Crisps Adapted from SkinnyJeansFood’s Raincoast Crisps (makes about 40 crisps) We had a wonderful trip to Puget Sound for fishing recently to celebrate my dad’s 80th birthday.  After pulling in some awesome ling cod, we got interested in snacking.  At a local store, we bought some scrumptious Raincoast Crisps at an exorbitant…

Vinagre/Pique: (Puerto Rican Vinegar Condiment)

This may become your favorite flavoring! Vinagre, also referred to as pique, in Puerto Rico is a standard condiment in most homes and at restaurants. The pineapple skins release juice that ferments to make a fruit vinegar that is rich in the enzyme bromelian and vitamin C.