How to Split a Pea

Yes, you can make dried split peas from your fresh homegrown peas. Here’s how to do it and a lesson as to why not.

Asparagus and Corn Tamales

Avocado toast be damned. Asparagus tamales are the up and coming foodie quest. Originating in central Washington at Los Hernandez Tamales, the asparagus tamale has taken on cult status. I won’t lie.  I think you need to go get these tamales straight from Felipe’s store in Union Gap, Washington.  However, if you have a hankering for…

Okonomiyaki As You Like It

This is the “As You Like It” dish of Japan.  Sometimes referred to as Japanese pizza, okonomiyaki is customized to your local ingredients and palate.  Hence, you’ll find okonomiyaki done Osaka style and Hiroshima style, among others. Basically, this dish is so flexible it’s a shame that it isn’t prepared that much outside of Japan. …

My Cousin’s Golabki

Golabki’s sock-it-to-me flavor, impressive appearance, and straightforward preparation will have you adding this dish to your all-time favorites.

Cheese Crumble

The best thing about the morning was a crumble of cheese Leftover from sprinkling on salad the night before. There it sat unseen, Until in frustration avalanching and coffee computer reposed, She spied it on the big butcher block: Little gravely goodness. She plucked it up with her fingers, Scraping it under her nails and…

Coloring Brown Eggs

If you thought you were out of luck during Easter with your clutch of dark brown eggs, you were wrong.

Humble, Tasty, Big Bread

I just returned from a trip to Japan. While you would expect me to come back laden with sushi and ramen recipes tucked away for experimentation, I was most intrigued by the bread.

Stacey Dreams of Ramen (for Breakfast)

Here is my disclaimer:  I have never had authentic Japanese ramen. . . ever. Only in my dreams. In preparation for a trip to Japan, I’ve been experimenting and watching snippets of the movie Tampopo.  So here is my completely Americanized version of ramen for breakfast.  When I get back from Japan this spring, I’ll…

Top 5 Cookbooks for Home Cooks

Yes, I love The French Laundry Cookbook, but it is not my go-to tome for weeknight and special event dinners.   What I seek out when needing reliable, tasty, appealing, healthy dishes are found in the following cookbooks.  In reviewing these selections, I am struck by the fact that, with the exception of Julia’s book, all…

Tangy Corn Relish

If you’ve never made corn relish (this is me), this will soon become your favorite way to preserve the summer harvest. This is an easy, albeit time-consuming, recipe that even those new to canning can master.

New York Steak of Mine

In the 1970’s Billy Joel penned his famous “New York State of Mind” song. The useful steak profiled here is the “New York Steak of Mine”. Cut from farther back on the rib section, it is very flavorful and less fatty than a ribeye (but who cares) AND less expensive (OK, now we’re talking!).  Treat it…